Channel 11 News Visits the Museum

The museum recently welcomed Channel 11 News as they learned more about our latest temporary exhibit, Selfies: A New Age of Self Photography.  The exhibit explores the definiton of a "selfie" and whether these images can be construed as art.  Inspired by the story and images of street photographer, Vivian Maier, the exhibit includes over 25 self photography images from people throughout the state, a special Lower 48 selection of photographs, and images taken by Vivian Maier herself.  The exhibit also includes a video entitled "Finding Vivian Maier", a documentary about the discovery of Vivian Maier's work and the museum has also made a mini ipad available for visitors to take and leave their own "selfie" so that they may become a part of the exhibit as well.  Selfies will be on display at the museum throughout the month of August.

Channel 11 News Broadcast: