Palmer Museum Awarded 2016 GIA for Exhibit Redesign

Thanks to the generosity of the Alaska State Museum, the Palmer Museum will be able to move forward with its plans to have a schematic design created to update the Museum's permanent collections display.  The Museum was notified late last month that it was awarded a Grant-In-Aid in the amount of $8,840 which would allow the Museum to bring two designers from the exhibit design and fabrication company, ExhibitsAK,  in Juneau.  The project, which was developed through a partnership with the Dorothy Page Museum in Wasilla, will allow both institutions to receive the much needed technical support that is required to update both of their facilities.  The designers will spend two days with each museum's staff and selected members of their respected communities in November, to brainstorm and discuss ideas for renovated exhibit spaces.  The designers will then compile the information and use it to create a design schematic for each museum that willbe used during the Palmer Museum's second phase of fabrication and construction which the Museum hopes to begin in 2017.