Movies with the museum is a special museum program where the museum hosts a special movie night event once a month during the fall/winter season.  Each movie is specially selected and then partnered with an interactive entertainment event that precedes the screening that helps the viewer become immersed in the genre.  Movie viewers have the option of attending the entire event or just the film screening.  The program was developed as a means to support the Palmer community, who has no movie theater within the city limits and as an effort to expand on the museum's fundraising efforts.  Movies with the Museum would not be possible withoutthe support of the Palmer Presbyterian Church (Church of a Thousand Logs), who allow us to use their facilities for each event.  


Just how clever are you?  Due to scheduling conflicts, Movies with the Museum will return in September as we test your sleuthing abilities.  Join us for a Mystery Dinner Party and a screening of the hilarious mystery/comedy "Clue." (Details soon to follow)

Tickets prices are as follows:


$5.00/person,  FREE for Museum members and children (ages 5 and under)


$25.00/person or $40.00/couple (tickets purchased in advance)

$30.00/person or $50.00/couple (tickets purchased the day of the event)

$20.00/Museum Member