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Matanuska Valley Record

The Matanuska Valley Record, founded by Thomas A. Moyer, was a magazine focusing on subjects in the Matanuska Valley. It ran from April 1951 to 1953, when it was renamed The Alaska Record. The museum has 18 editions of this magazine.

Inventory Listing

Item #Publication DateArticle NotesVolume#Pages
47Apr-51“Some Thoughts on Statehood” – Articles about Alaska Statehood, Colony Days, and the United Protestant Church118
46May-51“Alaska’s Horn of Plenty” – Articles about the history of the Matanuska ValleyN/AN/A
45Aug-51“The Matanuska Valley’s Great Fair” – Articles about the Matanuska Valley Fair, moose, and Northland Pioneer Grange15
44Sep-51“The Angel of the Matanuska” – Articles about the Palmer schools, King’s Lake, and Koslosky’s16
43Oct-51“Armistice Day” – Articles about Armistice Day, Thanksgiving, and Alaska politics17
42Nov-51“The Plight of the Homesteader” – Articles about Lazy Mountain Children’s Home and homesteaders18
41Dec-51“Christmas Eve Midnight Mass” – Articles about Christmas in the Matanuska Valley and Alaska politics19
40Jan-52“The Alaska Steamship Company” – Articles about the Alaska Steamship company and St. Michael’s.110
39Feb-52“U.S. Experiment Stations in Alaska – Articles about Chugiak, the U.S. Experiment Station, and the Matanuska Valley111
38Mar-52“Knik: Then and Now” – Articles about Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, Knik, and sled dogs112
37Apr-52“How Anchorage Got Its Name” – Articles about Anchorage, John Bugge, M. D. Snodgrass, and the Matanuska Valley21
36Jul-52“Commercial Fishing in Alaska” – Articles about fishing in Alaska, Rusty Dow, and the Matanuska Valley24
35Aug-52“Alaska Livestock” – Articles about livestock in Alaska25
34Sep-52“Cordova: Noted Seafood City” – Articles about Cordova and the Matanuska Valley2616
33Nov-52“Kodiak: Alaska’s Navy Port” – Articles about mining in Alaska, the Matanuska Valley, and agriculture28
32Dec-52“Mining in the Valley” – Articles about Kodiak, the Matanuska Valley, and Alaskan politics2916
30Jan-53“Alaska Steamship Company” – Articles about transportation in Alaska, including steamships, the railroad, airplanes, and dog sleds21012
31Feb-53“Alaska Wild Berry Products” – Articles about Homer and Alaska politics21112