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Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week

Current Artist of the Week

Susan Dunham, Artist of the Week

“I recently retired after 34 years of teaching, and have rediscovered my love of painting. I have painted using acrylics since I was a child, and studied art in college. Over the last 30 years I have periodically taken painting lessons from some of the best local artists in Palmer. Since the pandemic I’ve had more than enough time on my hands to work on my art. I am an avid hiker and skier. I spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying Alaska, and hope to do much more traveling around the world in the near future.

“My work is almost always in acrylic. I enjoy using vivid colors and trying to create an emotion through my art. Many of my paintings are of landscapes of places that I have visited. I also enjoy painting animals and creating texture in their fur. I have not had a public display of my artwork since high school and am excited about the prospect of showing my art to others.”

Susan Dunham exhibited her work as an Artist of the Week on June 3, 2021.

As part of our mission to promote the arts in the Palmer community, we want to take advantage of the Friday crowds to give local artists a platform to showcase and discuss their work! Each week, a different local artist’s work will be displayed in our hall gallery, and the artist will be available for a short Q&A the first Friday of opening.

2021 Artists of the Week

Stop by the Museum this summer and view new work by the following artists:

  • May 21 • Pearl Weaver
  • May 28 • Becky Oviatt
  • June 4 • Susan Dunham
  • June 11 • Diane Paoletti
  • June 18 • Alli Harvey
  • June 25 • Danielle Mettling
  • July 2 • Sandra Cook
  • July 9 • Richard Estelle
  • July 16 • RobRoy Menzies
  • July 23 • June Gerteisen
  • July 30 • Ken Harris
  • August 6 • Anthoney Thompson
  • August 13 • Michelle Cornelius
  • August 20 • Melissa Dickinson-Woods

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