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Artist of the Week

Artist of the Week

About This Program

As part of our mission to promote the arts in the Palmer community, we take advantage of the Friday crowds to give local artists a platform to showcase & discuss their work.

Each week, a different local artist’s work will be displayed in our hall gallery, and the artist will be available for a short Q&A the first Friday of opening.

2023 Artist of the Week Applications

Applications are open now through April 15, 2023. Please contact the Museum if you have any questions.

Past Artists of the Week


  • Lisa Dwyngaret
  • Brian Martin
  • Kathy Kysar
  • John Gould
  • Diane Paoletti
  • Megan Blessing
  • Emily Longbrake
  • Ray Gamradt
  • Barbara Hunt
  • Haley Ray
  • Dylanie Nathlich
  • Barb Stigen
  • Todd Wicks
  • Alli Harvey


  • Pearl Weaver
  • Becky Oviatt
  • Susan Dunham
  • Diane Paoletti
  • Alli Harvey
  • Danielle Mettling
  • Sandra Cook
  • Richard Estelle
  • RobRoy Menzies
  • June Gerteisen
  • Ken Harris
  • Anthoney Thompson
  • Michelle Cornelius
  • Melissa Dickinson-Woods

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