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Maria McKiernan, Artist of the Week

Maria McKiernan, Artist of the Week

Maria McKiernan exhibited her work as an Artist of the Week on August 14, 2020.




“I was originally from Massachusetts and came to Alaska in 1979. For a few years I lived in Ketchikan where I was active with the local Art Guild. In 1982, I moved to the valley where my husband and I raised our children. During those years, I taught in the Anchorage School District. Now retired, I find I have time to focus on developing my skills as an artist. Being an artist is a lifelong journey of learning, exploration, challenge, excitement, and sometimes, disappointment. Since childhood, I have been on that journey. I am always exploring the work of other artists and take the opportunity to learn from them directly. I love trying new materials and exploring new techniques that I can apply in my work. Color, light, and emotion draws me to my subjects. Light is the strongest draw of all. It is always a challenge and an inspiration for me. I find beauty in nature, people and simple things around me. Sometimes it is a person caught in an ordinary moment that fascinates me. It is my goal to represent these things on canvas and paper in a way that helps the viewer to see that beauty as well. My greatest motivation to paint is simply joy. I paint because it feeds my soul and makes me happy.”