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Current Exhibits

Exhibits at the Palmer Museum

The Palmer Museum features permanent exhibits showcasing the story of the Palmer area. Starting with the region’s origins as a meeting place between Ahtna and Dena’ina lands, follow the development of the region through the fur trade, the railroad, gold mining, and the 1935 Matanuska Colony Project. The museum also features outdoor displays of agricultural equipment, and a rotating lineup of temporary displays showcasing Palmer’s art, history, and culture.

Permanent Exhibits

Our permanent exhibits at the Palmer Museum showcase the rich history of Palmer. Indoors, or outdoors, we strive to fulfill the promise of educating our community and those who visit.

Historic photo of Rail Car School

Historic Photo Project

The Palmer Museum of History and Art has a collection of over 10,000 photographs, all digitized as high resolution scans. Since 2017, we have been connecting this wealth of history to our community in the Matanuska Valley Historical Photo Project database.

Featured from the collection: “Fogbound” by Richard Estelle

Art Collection

Featuring paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, metalwork, woodwork, Alaska Native art and more, browse a selection of the Palmer Museum art collection online.

The Palmer Museum of History and Art collects quality pieces made by local artists or depicting the Palmer area. We are proud to live in a community with such a passion and talent for the arts, and we seek to promote, preserve, and exhibit that creativity.

Artist of the Week

As part of our mission to promote the arts in the Palmer community, we take advantage of summertime Friday crowds to give local artists a platform to showcase and discuss their work. Each week from June to August, a different local artist’s work is displayed in our hall gallery, and the artist is available for a short Q&A the first Friday of opening.

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