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Our work inspires, enriches, and cultivates our community’s connection the unique history, culture, and art of the Greater Palmer Area.

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Our Story

The Palmer Museum of History and Art (PMHA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, contracting with the City of Palmer to provide museum and visitor center services. Nestled inside two acres of downtown showcase garden, we offer visitor information services, curated historic displays, and exhibits that feature the talent of our local artists. 

Founded in 2005 in an effort to preserve the City’s collection of historic artifacts, PMHA continues to serve and promote the history of the Greater Palmer Area. Our main building sits on land donated by Palmer resident Bill Hermann, and has served as a visitor center for the town since the 1960s. We are open year round: stop on by to visit!

Palmer Museum Staff

Museum Staff

Current Staff

Executive Director- Sam Dinges


Visitor Outreach Coordinator- Matthew Akers


Collections Manager- Richard Estelle


Board of Directors

Current Directors

President: Pat Chesbro 

Vice President: Mari Jo Parks

Secretary: Erin Saunders

Treasurer: Margaret Adsit

Director: Felicia Desimini

Director: Jim Brown

Director: Jill Warner

Director: Amber Lindstrom

Director: Michele Harmeling

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