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Kathy Kysar, Artist of the Week

Kathy Kysar, Artist of the Week

About Kathy

“I make a variety of creative, homemade items from our log cabin in rural Alaska. We do things the old fashioned way here, with hard work and a smile. The name, Crooked Cabin, came about because (you guessed it!) our cabin is crooked! I started the business in 2016 from our 30 year old, 400 square foot, off grid cabin on the Unalakleet River, 8 miles inland from the Bering Sea in Western Alaska! With only a small generator to turn on as needed (for internet and machine sewing!), we relied heavily on tradition – hand washing dishes and clothes in river water warmed on the heat stove, growing and preserving our own vegetables from seed, fishing and hunting for all of our meat, showering under a bucket on the porch, and selling homemade goods at the local, village market and online. In late 2019, we moved to a log cabin in Sutton, Alaska where we continue to live a simple life that includes plenty of time for hunting, fishing, and exploring Alaska’s backcountry. Yes, our Sutton cabin is just as crooked as our Unalakleet cabin!”

Exhibit date: May 27, 2022.