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Ray Gamradt, Artist of the Week

Ray Gamradt exhibited his work as an Artist of the Week on June 12, 2020.



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Born and raised in Montana, I spent the first quarter century of my life behaving properly. After graduating from college I moved to Alaska to chase the wildness, occupying the role of structural engineer during the day.

Now I’m a bailed engineer-turned-artist; my days are filled to bursting between time spent with family, with community, in the mountains and in the studio. Whenever I lament that my website isn’t more polished or that I’ve fallen woefully short of some social media benchmark (every single benchmark, actually), I see muddy footprints leading to my ice cream-coated little boys and I am reminded that living fully and behaving properly are likely to demand different destinations.

See Ray’s portfolio at raygamradtstudio.com