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Danielle Mettling, Artist of the Week

Danielle Mettling, Artist of the Week

Danielle Mettling exhibited her work as an Artist of the Week on July 17, 2020.

My name is Danielle Mettling, I’ve been in the Valley for five years. I am more a photographer, than painter, but I took up painting for a “first Friday” event in 2018. I had never painted before that, and was extremely surprised to see that they were flying off the wall. This past month, I was asked again to participate in “first Friday,” so after two years I quickly picked up a brush and began painting. I’ve found so much joy in creating these pieces that I’ve decided to stick with it and share my work with everyone in the Valley. I have an eclectic painting style that exhibits a lot of fun colors, splatters, and drips and some very detailed realistic pieces.