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Colonist Letter from Helen Vasanoja


Dear Sigrid:

                A few lines from me too. It has been raining all day. There is snow on the very top of the Mts. It get pretty chilly in the nites now. The Do & nurse were at camp and gave the kids the last dose for their typhoid[illegible].

                I imagine you are pretty busy with your boarders. We haven’t so much to do. I sewed Pearl a dress to-day and baked bread. Sulo was at the homesite. Picking rocks for the future bathhouse. We had our first steam bath last week at a [illegible] place. It sure felt good. We are going to have our tent brought to the place. We are about 2/4 of a mile from there now.

They expect to drill the well soon. Will have to carry it a ¼ miles at first.

I got a letter from Hatta the other wk. I suppose you have seen in the paper where the [illegible] bill was passed. I expect to get a small sum from there too.

                 I am getting so fat, and so are all the others too. So I guess this country agrees with us. We sure eat plenty. It’s the same with all the other people too. Our food budget in $95. So for Sept. & Oct. after that they will fix a new one for groceries & clothing both. I don’t think we will have to pay, for what we are getting now. Our furniture is all at the warehouse till we get our house. Don’t know what it looks like yet. Wish you could come up and see when we get everything settled I think it will be lots of fun fixing up the place. Say my best Regards to Ben & Art.     With Love,