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Colonist Letter from Laurence Vasanoja


Thursday Morning 8:30 AM

Just got up Helen & the kids are still sleeping. But then what’s the hurry. Altho we are having a little darkness now: it got dark at 11 PM and daylight breaks again at 1:30 AM real big [illegible] 2:AM. I kept on writing last night until 2:30 this A.M. and at 3 got up and made a note as you once asked me how [illegible] with that of [illegible]. We are exactly 4 hrs behind you so I know you and Bell are eating your [illegible] day lunch and I’ll have coffee with graham crackers & grape fruit. We are heavy on all the fruits & Cod Liver oil that is [illegible] that we can get. [illegible] apples & grape fruit are the only fresh fruits. We don’t care what they cost I took the last case of oranges were 8.00 that lasts about 3 [illegible]. Beveide apples etc. our grocery bill is about 3.50 to 4.00 per day. But it will be less now while the salmon run is [illegible] so as to consume from 1.05 to 217 [illegible] a day. We got some Roast beef & stew meat from the [illegible] at nifr. & Austin, Minn. Buney gets that musk-rat too and steak with too much for him altho one [illegible] feeding him pork chops [illegible] none of us expect to [illegible] get at least what we can when we can see others bennefit [sic] [illegible] thousands of dollars. Well [illegible] my coffee now and then we’ll work [illegible] up the mts. We’ll get a little idea [illegible] they look. [illegible] Ben [illegible] know you are this include him too as you well know when. I bet Ben had a great time while in N.Y. letter from [illegible] until next